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We appreciate your support – by whatever means you can help. Nothing you wish to offer is unappreciated; we are so grateful for your time, your talent, your resources or your donations. We are here to offer the best education we can offer our young men and women. Thank you for your assistance.


  • Donate — If you would like to make a cash donation directly to Ledyard Charter School, please click the “Donate today via PayPal” icon/link above. You can securely donate any amount via PayPal.   You may also make in-kind donations of items - see our Wish List below.  If you prefer, you may also call 603.727.4772 or e-mail Executive Director John Higgins at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Teach — Do you have a talent, knowledge, or an experience that you would like to share with our students? We enjoy having community members come to our school andopen our eyes & minds to new experiences. You may want to teach a small group or the entire school; we can accommodate your needs. We appreciate all gifts of time and education.


  • Volunteer — LCS welcomes and appreciates community volunteers.
    • We would like for you to come to school
      and work with our students.
    • Perhaps you have skills or experience that could be helpful in the operations of Ledyard Charter School. We would appreciate office help, business skills, or any other services you could provide. Please call us to set up an appointment.


  • Transport — Ledyard Charter students would like to be actively involved in the community, volunteering at community centers, local farms and elementary schools. Any financial support to help expand our community services involvement is greatly appreciated!  Please donate securely via our "Donate today via PayPal" icon/link above or, if more convenient, send a check.


Ledyard Charter School is a non-profit with 501(c)(3) status; all donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support!




Wish List

  • Student Desks/Tables & Chairs
  • School Supplies—pens, pencils, folders, staplers, staples, erasers, etc.
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Art Supplies – paints, paint brushes, markers, coloring pencils, paper, glue, etc.
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Small Gardening Tools
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Gently Used Winter Coats, Hats, Gloves & Boots

A donation of your business services is always welcome.


I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of 
ordinary people living ordinary lives.
~ Tracy Chapman

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