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The Ledyard Charter School mission states that students learn "within a community of adult mentors." We mean this. We know our students well, and they are surrounded by interesting and interested adults. Education is not something that happens to our students; they are partners in it, and we must teach them how to do this. LCS adults - parents & guardians included - show students how to drive their education, how to plan, how to make decisions, and how to follow through. Adults are powerful partners in teaching our students how to live a life of significance.


We believe that parents/guardians:

  • are a fundamental component of student success.
  • are expected to hold students to high standards.
  • reinforce what it means to be an educated person.
  • are important role models in teaching young people how to resolve conflict.
  • and staff members teach students how to be resilient and handle adversity.


We welcome you to be an active part of your child's education. When a teenager feels supported by the adults in his or her life, that security contributes greatly to his or her sense of self and personal success.

Your participation in your child's education throughout high school can be a formidable force, one that can significantly influence his or her future. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can partner with you to offer your child the best possible experience.


"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
Henry Ford

How Can You Help?

  • Help arrange learning opportunities in and around the community.
  • Help set up an internship or apprenticeship for a student at your business, organization, or agency.
  • Host a one-day 'shadow study' for one or a small group of students about your career in business or some other organization.
  • Go on a local field trip with a teacher and a group of students.
  • Contact a particular local business or organization regarding possible cooperation.
  • Come to school to assist.
  • Share information with students about a hobby/career.
  • Help a student with his work.
  • Help organize fundraisers.

"Leadership is action, not position."
Donald H. McGannon


We are here to help, and we greatly appreciate your help too. 603.727.4772

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