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INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS: Students will learn about all the relevant topics including alcohol and other drugs, community and environmental health, personal and consumer health, mental health, tobacco use, family and sexuality, physical activity, nutrition and injury prevention, through discussions, documentaries, debates and readings. There is a focus on personal goal setting as well as community health. We will utilize project based learning as a primary instructional method. 

At the end of this course, you will 

  • know… the different factors that impact your physical and emotional health.
  • be able to… make choices that advance your health goals and ensure a longer more productive life.
  • understand… the impact of bad health choices, and the consequences of certain actions. 


For this course, we will be using the textbook Essential Health (2nd edition) by Catherine A. Sanderson and Mark Zelman. 

Required Materials

To successfully complete this course, you will need [Insert bulleted list of required materials]

  •  Make daily entries in your health journal to record your sleep, food, social media, dreams, caffeine intake, etc. 
  • Participate in weekly activities
  • Successfully complete a midterm exam and a final. 



General Rules:

The class will be expected to maintain appropriate behavior with regard to respecting themselves, their peers, their superiors as well as their classroom. Failure to be respectful will result in a discipline referral and/or detention. 

Smart Phone use is not allowed in class UNLESS the teacher specifically asks students to use it for class purposes. 


Marianne St-Laurent

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School phone: (603) 727-4772

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