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Sophomore Team Time


INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS:  The second period of every school day is dedicated to a structured, 50 minute class led by faculty and supported by staff members and volunteers. Using a cooperative learning model to promote interdependent learning and build a stronger LCS community, students will gain social skills and develop civic awareness through school wide communication, expectations, and activities. Topics to be covered include effective positive communication, respectfully engaging with the local community, physical and mental health/wellness, bullying, substance use awareness, and social skill-building to create independent, successful young adults that will enter the world upon graduation.


All LCS students are assigned a Team Time teacher who is responsible for guiding them through their academic, transition, and personal goals, along with developing time management and task completion skills. Team Time period will consist of structured activities related to post-graduation opportunities and the development of the Student Transition Portfolio, as well as scheduled meetings between students and their classroom teachers. Students will meet daily with their teams. 


At the end of this course, you will:

  • set short and long term goals based on your values
  • work comfortably with Google Suite tools
  • begin planning your career by finding job options
  • participate in community service activities 
  • advocate appropriately for yourself
  • develop study and test taking skills
  • complete applications, a resume and write cover letters
  • reflect on what you have achieved
  • build a community in the classroom



Monday:  Academic Progress Review

Tuesday:  Skill-building Activity

Wednesday:  Academic Support

Thursday:  Community-building Activity

Friday:  In-class Club Activity


September: Goal Setting

October: Technology 

November:  Career Planning

December: Community Service and Fundraising

January: Self-Advocacy and Health

February: Study Skills/Test Taking Strategies

March: Life Skills

April: Next Steps/Transition Planning

May: Year in Review

June: Celebrations



General Rules:

  • Students are permitted to miss no more than 15 classes for the semester - all absences beyond this point must be made up before or after school, 5 tardies = 1 absence
  • Students must use art supplies correctly and with respect
  •  Respectful and kind behavior and language is expected at all times, students will be asked to the class if this does not happen
  • If students miss days, they must talk with teacher about making up all assignments


Grading Policies:

When students are absent, they are expected to make up all work they missed within 5 class days of their return to school. 



97 - 100


87 - 89.9


77 – 79.9


67 – 69.9


0 – 59.9


93 - 96.9


83 – 86.9


73 – 76.9


63 – 66.9




90 - 92.9


80 – 82.9


70 – 72.9


60 – 62.9



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