Vision of the LCS Student

Students at Ledyard Charter School will strive to:

Think Critically:

  • Students solve problems.
  • Students recognize and make logical connections.
  • Students formulate useful questions.
  • Students gather, organize analyze and interpret data.


Communicate Effectively:

  • Students write and speak clearly for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  • Students transmit information through visual media.
  • Students acquire information and understanding by listening to individual speakers and participating in group discussion.
  • Students acquire information and understanding by reading printed and electronic material.
  • Students acquire information through visual media.

Come Prepared:

  • When working alone, students demonstrate initiative, motivation, and the ability to address and complete a task.
  • When working together towards the completion of a common goal, students share responsibility for their learning and that of others.
  • When working together toward the completion of a common goal, students communicate clearly and constructively.
  • When working together toward a common goal, students combine information gathered by all members of a group.
  • When working together toward a common goal, students demonstrate support for others.


Gather and Analyze Information:

  • Students access information from a variety of resources.
  • Students review compiled information to determine relevance and validity.
  • Students compare, contrast, and recognize connections among the various pieces of information collected.
  • Students appropriately communicate compiled information in a variety of ways.

Fulfill Social and Civic Expectations:

  • Students accept diversity and individual rights.
  • Students demonstrate respect and consideration for themselves, others, personal and public property, and the environment.
  • Students accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Students advocate for themselves and for the rights of others.
  • Students exhibit academic and social integrity.


School Wide Expectations

Our goal is for each student to identify his/her learning style; learn to effectively advocate for oneself; be respectful in communications and actions; acquire self-determination skills necessary to succeed; and to develop transition plans for life after high school.

  • Learning Style:  Learning style is developing an understanding of yourself and how you learn.
  • Self-Advocacy: As a student, self-advocacy is communicating your needs so you can have control of your life.
  • Respect:  As a student, using social skills will allow you to respect yourself, your environment, and others.
  • Self-Determination:  Self-determination skills will allow you to manage and overcome obstacles in your life and to ultimately achieve success.
  • Transition:  Transition is learning to effectively manage change.


The Faculty and Staff at Ledyard Charter School will strive to:

  • Create an environment that is student first, student-centered planning and student-centered learning.
  • Discover meaning in every experience, endeavor, act, and challenging experience.
  • Build and maintain relationships, which are crucial in the development of every person.
  • Harness our personal strengths to make a positive impact.
  • Practice tolerance and acceptance, empowering ourselves and our communities to understand each other.
  • Teach as we learn, striving to enhance our community.
  • Live adventurously, as did our namesake, John Ledyard, who spent four months living (and learning) among the Iroquois as a college ambassador.
  • Provide a quality education that meets the needs of the individual student, while attaining a standard New Hampshire High School Diploma.
  • Assure all students have a plan for life after high school.