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Welcome to Ledyard Charter School!


Ledyard Charter School is a New Hampshire public high school of choice that re-inspires the reluctant or disengaged learner.  Established in 2009, LCS offers students an individualized, alternative educational program.  We actively engage students in a robust, personalized course of study, applying 21st century concepts, skills and dispositions to real world problems. Students who graduate from LCS earn a standard high school diploma.



Our Philosophy 

We celebrate the diversity and strengths of our learning community.  We believe all students are capable of learning and will flourish in a positive environment with instruction personalized to their specific needs.



Our Mission: 

Our mission is to provide students with real life learning experiences. We focus on creating experiential learning that will prepare students well for college, the workplace, and life as successful and happy adults. The foundation of our school lies within our belief in building strong skills in the area of self-advocacy, organization, goal setting and attainment, self-determination, self-confidence, all while supporting the community. These skills are developed in the classroom as well as in the community with a school wide annual goal of 800 hours of community service.


Here are a few reasons why our students and parents think you should join our community of learners:

Thank you again for always pushing me in class. Thank you for always believing in your students! Looking back during these 2 and a half years, I didn’t realize how much I have truly accomplished. I got accepted into an apprenticeship with DHMC, graduated with all A’s and one B (I received college credits from the apprenticeship) became a certified Inpatient Pharmacy Technician, decided to move to the beautiful city of Worcester (or as Higgins would say Woooosta!) MA for more opportunities, was hired at Umass Memorial Medical Center in the NICU, now starting school to become a Medical Assistant in a week! My next goal in this crazy journey is getting hired at Mass General Hospital after graduation!  I wouldn’t be here today without the help from the staff at Ledyard Charter School.
Congratulations! The continued hard work of all the staff and that of John Higgins is changing so many lives! Our family cannot thank you enough for the work you did for our son and our family! Keep up the amazing work! Cheers to another great 10 years and beyond! 

"Thank you and to all of your staff for nurturing my daughter.  At a time when she could not find anywhere to fit, she found her place with you.  She is a successful student but more importantly, she feels good about it.  How can anyone appreciate the value of learning if they dont' feel good about being at school?  You are finding a way and for that, I am forever grateful."

 “LCS is a good program because it’s way different from any other school. There are some things that a teacher does here that won’t happen in [other] schools, for example, the teachers do more one on one work with the students. LCS also reaches out to the kids and tries to make sure they do the right thing … and they accept you for who you are. The teachers always make sure every kid is in class and I like that because they treat you like family, and that’s the happiest thing when your teacher actually cares about you. Everyone should give LCS a try; I know you’re going to like it.”
 "By far the best decision we ever made!  This school has brought out the abilities we knew our daughter had, but never utilized.  Thank you for allowing her to believe in herself and moving her forward."  
 “Some might ask why I go to Ledyard Charter School.  I go to Charter because I have a learning disability, so hands-on work is the best way I learn.  The teachers always support us the best they can.  I also have social anxiety, so a smaller school with less kids gives me the chance to open up.”
"This school has been a lifeline for my child, who was falling through the cracks in our local high school."
“This is my eighth school, third high school.  Coming here was the best thing I’ve ever done.  I’m not just treated like a student, I’m treated like a human, a young adult.  I’m not judged by what I’ve done or what I’ve been through… here we are a family.  We help each other through the toughest stuff young adults shouldn’t have to go through, overcoming things no one else thought we could.   I feel accepted…”


Ledyard Charter School in Lebanon is a public school of choice for high school students, free to New Hampshire residents.

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Phone: (603)727-4772
Mail: Ledyard Charter School, PO Box 327
39 Hanover Street, Lebanon, NH 03766

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