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Ledyard Charter School is a New Hampshire public high school of choice that re-inspires students.  Established in 2009, LCS offers students an individualized, experiential education program.  We actively engage students in a robust, personalized course of study; applying 21st century concepts, skills and dispositions to real world problems. Students who graduate from LCS earn a standard high school diploma and we strive to help all students plan their transition into their post-secondary life. 


  We celebrate the diversity and strengths of our learning community and we believe all students are capable of learning and will excel in a positive environment with instruction personalized to their needs.


Our mission is to provide students with real life learning experiences. We focus on creating project based learning that will prepare students well for college, the workplace, and life as successful and happy adults. The foundation of our school lies within our belief in building strong skills in the area of self-advocacy, organization, goal setting and attainment, self-determination, self-confidence, all while supporting the community. These skills are developed in the classroom as well as in the community with a school wide annual goal of 800 hours of community service.


Testimonials From Current Students:

"I got to this school because the teachers care about the students and accept them for who they are."

"The teaching style is much better then my last school. Much more laid back and one on one with students. I can actually understand my work and not stress about it. Teachers are all amazing and kind and helpful. I actually enjoy coming to school when I have to. Very much so an upgrade. I wish I had transferred sooner."  


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Phone: (603)727-4772
Mail: Ledyard Charter School, PO Box 327
Location: 39 Hanover Street, Lebanon, NH 03766




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Student attendance, grade reporting, communications, and more can be found at our online education portal, TeacherEase;

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