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Student Testimonials

Here are a few reasons why our students think you should join our community of learners:

“LCS is a good program because it’s way different from any other school. There are somethings that a teacher does here that won’t happen in [other] schools, for example, the teachers do more one on one work with the students. LCS also reaches out to the kids and tries to make they do the right thing … and they accept you for who you are. The teachers always make sure every kid is in class and I like that because they treat you like family, and that’s the happiest thing when your teacher actually cares about you. Everyone should give LCS a try; I know you’re going to like it.”

“Some might ask why I got to Ledyard Charter School.  I go to Charter because I have a learning disability, so hands-on work is the best way I learn.  The teachers always support us the best they can.  I also have social anxiety, so a smaller school with less kids gives me the chance to open up.”

“This is my eighth school, third high school.  Coming here was the best thing I’ve ever done.  I’m not just treated like a student, I’m treated like a human, a young adult.  I’m not judged by what I’ve done or what I’ve been through… here we are a family.  We help each other through the toughest stuff young adults shouldn’t have to go through, overcoming things no one else thought we could.   I feel accepted…”

“In the 8th grade, I was re-evaluated for an IEP that I’d had in place since 5th grade.  Because of my refusal to participate, I was deemed unqualified for reinstatement of my IEP and, therefore, was unable to perform to my full ability and was almost held back.  Ledyard Charter saved my education.  Its small scale classes give the opportunity for one-on-one assistance and its interest-focused class projects are easier for students to stay interested in.  Without Ledyard Charter, I may not have been set up to graduate on time.

“The teachers actually care and will go the extra mile… I left my old school to get away from bullying and had to deal with any of that here.  This place feels like my and home and these people are like my family.”

“I go to Charter for the family atmosphere.  When I come into school, I know I can be myself.  The teachers work with you and make sure you get the help you need.”

“LCS is a good school for me and my fellow classmates.  They treat people the way they want to be treated.  As for the work, they give you the help you need.  If you don’t understand, they will really help you understand.  It’s like a little family here at LCS.  It’s a great school.”