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Congratulations to the LCS Warriors (Team 7212)!!!  They placed 23rd out of 41 teams on their first try!  Awesome job to the coaches and team!!  Thank you to everyone that made this happen!


Here's a link to some photos of the team from the event and even a video!


Power Up competion at UNH


Our First Year as Team 7212 LCS Warriors

We were proud to, as a team, put a robot on the competition floor. This was not without the gracious help of just about every team at the event as well as coaches, mentors and judges. We would like to thank some of our sponsors throughout the season

-Hypertherm engineering

-Dartmouth College

-The Argosy Foundation

-United Way

-NH department of Education

-Everybody who helped from FIRST

Lessons learned: our first year

- time is valuable and not always easy to come by

- Being wrong is okay

- Everybody needs help and it is okay to ask for it

- Finishing something is a great feeling

- Hard work and effort will surprise you

- Above all, have fun with whatever it is you are doing

This first year we went through a lot of struggles, had to learn a lot, and put in more effort than most of us were used to, but in the end we had the time of our life. We are looking forward to building on our successes from this as well as putting in work in area's of need. It was an awesome opportunity for our school that we hope to build for years to come.

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