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Civics/American Government is a required course for graduation. The focus of this course is to prepare students to participate in exercising their political responsibilities as thoughtful and informed citizens.  Civics provides a basis for understanding the rights and responsibilities for being an American citizen and a framework for competent and responsible participation.  Emphasis is placed on the historical development of government and political systems, and the importance of the rule of law; the United States Constitution; Federal, State and local government structure; and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.  Students will actively investigate local, state and national issues, read and participate in discussions, and develop informed arguments using a variety of writing forms.

Specifically, the course aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the following:

  •         The ideals and beliefs shared by Americans and the meaning of citizenship.
  •         The historical, cultural, and philosophical foundations of the U.S. government system.
  •         The U.S. Constitution and the components and balances of the federal government.
  •         The importance and relevance of the Bill of Rights and amendments in the past and today.
  •         The role and development of political parties and the election process in our two-party system.
  •         State and local government in order to understand how public policy is formed and why it is important to participate in local government.




Unit One: The Purpose of Government

Unit Two: The Nature of Government

Unit Three: The Structure of the State and Federal Government

Unit Four: The Function of the State and Federal Government

Unit Five: The World

Unit Six: The United States in the Global Community

Unit Seven: Rights

Unit Eight: Responsibilities



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 Civics Syllabus


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