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Blizzard Bag days will be announced when the weather forecast predicts a major storm. High school Blizzard Bag assignments are directly linked to the current classroom curriculum. This means assignments will only be posted online the day prior to an anticipated absence. Blizzard Bag assignments will be linked to course competencies.

All Blizzard Bag assignments are due within two school days of the day of the absence.

Late assignments will not be accepted after two school days. Students will receive a zero for assignments not submitted within two days of Blizzard Bag day. Please contact the Executive Director to appeal extenuating circumstances.


Blizzard Bag assignments will count as a formative assignment. Blizzard Bag day assignments will not be recorded as a test or a quiz.


Students who do not have access to the Internet must request hard copies of the Blizzard Bag assignments from their teachers.

Teachers will respond to all email within an hour during the school day. (Pending no emergencies) Please be reminded that the school day does end at 3:00 pm and that late email may not be replied to until the next day.


Student will receive real time corrections and instruction through Google Classroom/Drive.



Below are the links to the assignment pages for each class.  Follow the links and complete the assignments.  Class sections will be updated with every blizzard bag day!

Period One Period Three Period Five Period Six
Civics Anthropology US/NH History Science Writing


Look up the Bill of Rights online.  Summarize each Amendment in your own words and rank them in the order you feel is most important and relevant.  Be prepared to explain your reasoning for your order.


Talk to your parents, guardians, or other adult about family traditions. Do you have any?   What are they?  Where do they come from?   

Write your answers on a sheet of paper and be prepared to discuss them in the next class.


Continue to work on your project assigned in the last class about the American Revolution.  Be sure to share any progress you’ve made with me.

Remember, I’ll waive the essay if I see people working hard and taking the assignment seriously.  I was super impressed with us today, so let’s keep it up!

Find a science article online about the science related to your experiments you chose in the class period.  Write a few sentences summarizing it.  Be prepared to share with you class tomorrow!

If you're stuck, try using the following websites:






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