INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS:  In this class, students will learn how to shoot film with a manual 35mm camera, develop the film and print photos in a dark room. The goal is to learn about taking care of each element and step of a process in order to get good results in the end. Photography teaches us to look with the intention of finding. It teaches us to see ordinary things in a new way. It gives meaning to what we thought was meaningless. We will do both film and digital photography as well as studio and location photography and color as well as black and white. 

At the end of this course, you will 



To successfully complete this course, you must be a team player, keep a positive attitude, respect your environment and your peers. You must come to class every day and on time in order to be able to complete the assignments. The course moves quickly, so every absence will need to be made up.



Students will “rent” a film camera for the entire semester. You will need your smart phone for the digital photography section of the course. the school will prove computers and editing software. The school will also provide all of the film, chemicals, paper, binders, page holders and frames. 


We will start the semester doing Studio Film Photography. Once the weather gets nicer, we will shoot “on location”.

Unit 1 - Shoot, develop, print. 

Unit 2 - Shadows, Silhouettes, contrast

Unit 3 - Depth of Field

Unit 4 -  Shutter Speeds

Unit 5 - Rule of thirds

Unit 6 - Texture

Unit 7 - Focal points

Unit 8 - Framing

Unit 9 - Portraits

Unit 10 - Vantage point

Unit 11 - Vernissage


General Rules:

The class will be expected to maintain appropriate behavior with regard to respecting themselves, their peers, their superiors as well as their classroom. Failure to be respectful will result in a discipline referral and/or detention. 

Smart Phone use is not allowed in class UNLESS the teacher specifically asks students to use it for class purposes. 

Laptops must be signed out on the chart on the cart. 

Grading Policies: