Global Literature

Identity and the sense of belonging 

Period 5; Mon-Fri

INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS: Students will read nonfiction and fiction tests that teach cultures and lives of people and communities around the world. The class uses experiential and project based learning to strengthen the impact of the students’ learning. Students will broaden their world view and learn about places and regions to get a better sense of the world in spatial terms. Students will also learn about the environment and society, political foundations, social and cultural world history. Our goal is to become well rounded knowledgeable young adults who will participate in our community in a productive way. 

At the end of this course, you will

Books / Materials:



Required Materials

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For each unit, students will learn to find the countries and cities on a map, they will learn about the basics of the political climate, they will sample the music, the food and other cultural aspects as well as create some art pieces. 


General Rules:

The class will be expected to maintain appropriate behavior with regard to respecting themselves, their peers, their superiors as well as their classroom. Failure to be respectful will result in a discipline referral and/or detention. 

Smart Phone use is not allowed in class UNLESS the teacher specifically asks students to use it for class purposes. 

Laptops must be signed out on the chart on the cart. 

Grading Policies:


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