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A message for my students: 

You got this!!!!!

I got a message from a student today and I realized that they are probably not the only one struggling with this. Here are some tips: 

  • Try setting a schedule for yourself. Commit to it. Keep your promise to yourself. 

  • Let's say you get up around 10 am. Promise yourself that you will log-in at 11 AM. 

  • Stick to one class at a time.

  • You can follow the school's schedule, or re-arrange the order of your classes to what suits you best.  

  • Give yourself 1 hour. 

  • If you finish one class before the hour is up, do another class!

  • Then take a break and come back to it after lunch. Let's say at 3 PM.

  • Give yourself another hour.

  • Pat yourself on the back! You're amazing! 


Google Classroom Codes


Team Time: ocvlcrb

Film Photography: omajoqd

Suspense Literature: vc2xrq4

Global Literature: 47ve4h4

Psychology: zg2jrom


Google Classroom Help


Course Pages: Syllabi for the Spring 2020

Film and Digital Photography
first period)

Suspense Literature
Third period)

Global Literature
Fifth Period)

Psychology 101
(Sixth Period)



 ***Blizzard Bag Days***






Ms. St-Laurent's Health class participates in a nine week long collaboration with a Dartmouth college class called "Telling Stories for Social Change"




Ms. St-Laurent's Health class on the Advanced Transit bus and at the store to shop for ingredients, at school cooking pizza, waffles, and making smoothies





Ms. St-Laurent's Contemporary Fiction class illustrating the story, "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant," by W.D. Wetherell through paintings on the picnic tables outside 



Ms. St-Laurent's Global Literature class cooking Chinese dumplings after reading the graphic novel, "American Born Chinese" and learning about Chinese culture



Ms. St-Laurent's Global Literature class creating a visual representation comparing the population of different countries and putting up a full wall map of the world




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