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Bootstrap coding platfrom applies mathematical concepts and rigorous programming principles to create a simple videogame, and is aligned to National and State Standards for Mathematics, as well as the Computer Science Teachers Association standards and K-12 Computer Science frameworks. Students create a simple, 3-character game involving a player, a target and a danger. They design what each character looks like, and use algebraic concepts to detect collisions, handle keystrokes, and determine how they move and interact.

In the course students will

  • Learn basic code theory
  • Write code
  • Critically examine video games from a computer science viewpoint
  • Create a published video game
  • Apply Algebra in coding
  • Use technical writing and critical thinking in problem solving


This course will be aimed and teaching and learning how we talk to computers. It will require a basic algebra background to understand the coding language we are using. In this course students will get to critically examine video games from a coding viewpoint as well as from a gamer viewpoint. 

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