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In this course we will explore a full range of topics on the study of life.  We will specifically look at how organisms are made up, and what enables them to survive.  You will learn how energy moves around in ecosystems, and will be challenged on your critical thinking ability as we look at how organisms are organized and have changed through time.  And always remember science is 40 percent reading/writing, 40% math and 20 % experimentation.

The unit timeline will be as follows:

Semester 1

  • Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Evolution
  • Anatomy and Physiology


Semester 2


  • Microbiology Structure
  • Microbiology Function
  • Genetics
  • Experimental Presentation/Scientific Exploration



To successfully complete this course, you must

  • know how to use technical writing skills when answering scientific questions
  • be able to use scientific inquiry and available resources to investigate critical questions
  • understand ways to look at and identify local and global scientific issues
  • Be able to accurately use and understand scientific vocabulary




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