Course / Content Area:  Real World Math (Elective Math)

Description: In this project based elective math course, students will learn and practice math concepts through real life projects. Students will use geometry when designing a plan for a new city, and building a dog house. They will use number systems when budgeting money, working from recipes, and planning a trip.

Grade Level: High School

Course Competencies (or Content Area CCSS Targets):

Mathematical and Real World Problem Solving

  • Ratios and Proportions
    • Proportional relationships
  • Number Systems
    • Arithmetic of whole numbers and fractions
    • Common factors and multiples
    • Rational numbers
  • Expressions and Equations
    • Arithmetic to algebraic expressions
    • One variable equations with inequalities
    • Quantitative relationships between independent and dependent variables
    • Generate equivalent expressions
    • Radicals and integer exponents
    • Proportional relationships with lines and linear equations
    • Analyze and solve linear equations
  • Functions
    • Define, evaluate, and compare functions
    • Use functions to model relationships between quantities
  • Geometry
    • Area, surface area, volume
    • Draw and construct geometric figures and describe the relationship to each other
    • Angle measure
    • Congruence and similarity using physical models, transparencies, and geometric software
    • Understand and apply the Pythagorean Theorem
    • Volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres

Course / Content Area Scope & Sequence:

(Progression of Units/Topics)

January 22-31: COOKING FOR A CROWD

  • How to shop for food; buying in bulk, budgeting, meal planning, shopping sales
  • How to read and alter a recipe; size, weight, measurement, temperature conversations
  • Planning a meal for the school; vote on the one that makes the most sense financially and crowd pleasing
  • Final project: book multi-course meal for the school


  • Research area prices for buying versus leasing a car and a house
  • Learn about credit scores, loan interest, monthly payments, and sales
  • Final project: (pretend to) buy or lease a car and a house, creating a poster citing your plan and the reasons why it makes sense for you

February 25 - March 8: DESIGNING A CITY

  • Research maps and pictures of famous cities as well as Lebanon, NH
  • Final project: design a new city in the form of a map and a 3D to scale model

March 11-22: PLAN A TRIP

  • Analyze the cost, time, and distance of taking a trip to 5 different locations
  • Final project: plan a fictional trip to one of these destinations with a budget of $1,000

March 25 - April 12: BUILD A DOG HOUSE

  • In groups, design a dog house using a set budget for materials and set criteria (must fit two dogs comfortably and be waterproof)
  • Final project: build the doghouse


  • In groups of 3, compete to make the best tasting desserts
  • All recipes must be converted in multiple ways and students may only use pencil and paper to do the conversions

May 6 - May 17: WRITING MUSIC

  • Learn to read simple sheet music
  • Write original song using beats and notes
  • Final project: play song using a simple instrument

May 20 - May 31: LANDSCAPING

  • Design a landscaping project for the exterior of LCS
  • Factor in cost and design, drawing a complete plan with measurements
  • Class votes of favorite plan
  • Final project: complete landscaping design