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We have listed the 5 W's below:


WHO participates?

All students attending Ledyard Charter School.


WHAT is it?

The Blizzard Bag Program is an important educational initiative!  This program is open to all public schools in the State of New Hampshire and promotes learning outside the walls of the classroom.  Students have the opportunity to learn at home when weather conditions call for a "Snow Day" or any school closure.


WHERE do students participate?

Students work on their Blizzard Bags at home, with a friend, a library, a local college... outside, inside, everywhere learning takes place, except for at the school!


WHY do we have Blizzard Bags?

The LCS Blizzard Bag learning opportunity allows students to experience independent, hands-on, experiential learning.  It also sets the stage for life-long learning and helps build independent learning skills.  Blizzard Bags afford us the chance to extend and blend learning beyond the walls of LCS.


WHEN do we have a Blizzard Bag Day?

A Blizzard Bag Day is typically called when we have an event which prevents Ledyard Charter School from opening.  There are currently lesson plan sets for five (5) Blizzard Bag Days in the 2018/19 school year.


HOW is the Blizzard Bag Program implemented?

Your Blizzard Bag information will be listed on your teacher's webpage. [Select Faculty/Staff Links above] You may choose to complete lessons online or on paper.  All students have the opportunity to complete their Blizzard Bag lessons.  All Blizzard Bag lessons are expected to be returned within two (2) school days (maximum is two (2) school days after the Blizzard Bag Day).


We have FIVE (5) days' worth of Blizzard Bag lessons.  Blizzard Bag Days are determined by the LCS Executive Director and parents will be notified via email, posted on our Website and our Facebook page.  These five (5) days will not extend the school year.


 Approval of Blizzard Bag Program by NH Dept of Education


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