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Philosophy & Vision of the Graduate

Our Philosophy

We believe that:
…everyone can learn.
…everyone can want to learn.
…everyone can make a difference.

Ledyard Charter School (LCS) prepares students for their futures, both academically and socially, in a rigorous academic program that stresses the importance of community and allows students to apply their learning in context. LCS provides opportunities for under- engaged students to re-focus on their strengths & interests and offers highly motivating & relevant learning opportunities with a strong academic core to support the community service, internship & practical experiences that contribute to the whole person.

Students who graduate from LCS earn a standard high school diploma.

Our Mission:

Ledyard Charter School will actively engage students in:

  1. a rigorous, integrated personalized course of study;
  2. the application of 21st century concepts, skills and dispositions to real-world problems;
  3. authentic performance, and
  4. meaningful relationships with the adult community through
    personal advisors, mentors, apprenticeships and service learning.

Our Philosophy

Come visit us!

We like to show our communities what we are learning, creating, and accomplishing. If you are interested in visiting Ledyard Charter School during the school day, please call Executive Director John Higgins. at 603.727.4772 to schedule an appointment.

Vision of the Graduate

Ledyard Charter School provides an educational setting where students are a part of their learning and growing. Faculty will assist the students in setting goals and mapping a course to achieve those goals. At the end of a student’s LCS experience, students will have the tools necessary for personal success. An LCS education helps the students work toward what we call the Vision of a Graduate and fosters the development of these seven vision statements:

Students will take responsibility for personal actions

  • Will make healthy choices for themselves
  • Will respect others
  • Will take the lead in planning the transition to adulthood

Students will think critically and thoughtfully

  • Will gather, organize and use information to gain new information and understanding
  • Will support inferences
  • Will justify conclusions
  • Will reserve or suspend judgment
  • Will doubt when others unthinkingly accept
  • Will empathize when others unthinkingly reject
  • Will publicly change one’s mind

Students will solve problems

  • Will use multiple strategies to solve a variety of problems

Students will communicate effectively

  • With clarity, purpose and an understanding of the audience

Students will act as responsible community members

  • Within the school, the local community, the state and nation, and the global community

Students will understand and appreciate the diversity and interdependence of all people

  • Will deal with disagreement and conflict caused by a diversity of opinions and beliefs

Students will become accomplished and independent learners

  • Will make a commitment to creating quality work
  • Will understand that learning takes discipline, commitment, and perseverance
  • Will use a variety of learning strategies and personal and time-management skills
  • Will build on what they know and can do to enhance learning
  • Will take considered risks in their learning
  • Will develop a passion for life-long learning