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Curriculum & Credits

Curriculum Standards

According to 21st Century Learning, “We live in a society which is continually evolving and yet, somehow, it has become generally accepted that schooling should not change. Many still hold expectations that what “used to work” remains appropriate. But we are not the same, we are different. The world is different.

Curriculum Standards

Ledyard Charter School offers a program that provides students with the important foundations of a strong curriculum; alternative education does not necessarily mean we throw out the functional and beneficial coursework and solely offer “outside-the-box” learning experiences. The wise person knows the benefits of combining the practical with the pioneering, the traditional with the innovative.

Students at LCS reap the benefits of a program that meet the demands of the world – writing, reading, mathematics, history & science – without foregoing the valuable aspects of education and experience such as technology, world cultures, languages, social sciences, studio art, music, physical activity & culinary arts. The LCS faculty delivers a challenging curriculum in inventive ways; we make learning relevant & fun.

2012-2013 Curriculum Maps

Please browse through some of our curriculum maps from the 2012-2013 year. (Not all subjects and classes are listed.)

Math Foundations*
Language Arts* (Trimester I topics only)
Contemporary Issues*

*Denotes a class offered for one or two trimesters. The blended curriculum we utilize allows for subject area material (such as writing) to be addressed in multiple content areas.

Ledyard Charter School is a public school designed to serve under-performing and/or disengaged students in grades 9-12 who are looking for a more practical, holistic approach to their education.


The Ledyard Charter School is a 7 credit per year program. Students earn credit by completing the coursework based on the material covered and learned at LCS. Credits may be earned for grades “A” to “D” in all courses (grades 9-12).

Standard annual credits are:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Global Awareness
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Physical education
  • Technology

Additional offerings include:

  • Art
  • Personal Fitness
  • Outdoor Education
  • Creative Writing

Educational Partnerships:


  • Dartmouth College
  • Hartford Vocational Technical Center
  • The Center for School Success
  • Upper Valley Technical Center

The charter school may accept transfer credits for grades “A” to “D” in applicable courses only from any approved public, private or home schools. (Credits from unaccredited schools will be evaluated on an individual basis.)

A diploma is received by earning 20 Credits & providing 120 hours of community service.