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Welcome to Ledyard Charter School!

We have been hard at work this summer gearing up for the new school year!  With the assistance of many wonderful volunteers, we have painted classrooms, given our kitchen a much needed renovation, hired new faculty and taken professional development classes.  We are excited and eager to begin the new year and cannot wait to see you on Tuesday, August 30th!

2017 staff photo (missing Alison & Linda)

(from left to right) Terry Relihan, Wendy Tucker, Chris Allen, John Higgins, Marta Bird, Neil Castaldo, Lisa Swett (missing from the photo are Alison Whitehead and Linda Addante)

Accepting applications for the 2016-17 academic year.

You may download an application and handbook from the links below or you may contact John Higgins or Lisa Swett at (603) 727-4772.

Application Packet for 2016-17

LCS Student Handbook 2016-17

2016-17 Student Calendar

Program-of-Studies for 2016-17


If your child is receiving special education services, please read this important document.

LCS- 2014-2015 Protocol for Students with Disabilities

FAQ about LCS

“Where You Can Be You!”

Join us and make the most of your high school experience.

Each individual learns differently.

Each individual should have the opportunity to receive an education that will maximize his strengths and best prepare him for life.

Each individual deserves to work with adult mentors who will take note of her talents and support & guide her through the decision-making process.

How do you see the world???

Ledyard Charter School offers a Collaborative, Alternative, Adventurous, Purposeful, Practical,
“Outside the Box” High School Education.

Ledyard Charter School in Lebanon, New Hampshire is a free public school of choice for high school students.

Phone: 603.727.4772
Mail: Ledyard Charter School PO Box 327
39 Hanover Street, Lebanon, NH 03766-

“Being in this school has been a blessing. Being able to learn the way I want to and really need to is a miracle. The past year and a half at LCS have been full of amazing experiences and unexpected opportunities. This charter school has helped me see school in a new way and has encouraged me to find a college that fits my unique learning style.”
  ~ Excerpt from the senior speech delivered at graduation by Ashley Ferrer ’10


Click the link below to view more student testimonials

Ledyard Charter School
Makes Learning Real

Meaningful learning is learning that makes a difference — in one’s mind and in one’s life. This type of learning is what we want our students to achieve.







Students are more likely to be actively engaged in their education when a purpose is clearly defined and the results are tangible and meaningful.

Please follow this link for the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory’s definition of
meaningful learning:

At Ledyard, learning focuses on students’ strengths & interests and provides highly motivating & relevant learning opportunities based on an integrated academic core, supplemented with service learning & internships in the community.

“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.”
 ~ Ancient Chinese Proverb